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IN FOCUS – T2S – Market Infrastructure Conference Frankfurt

June 1, 2017

Skillfinder International attended the “In Focus session in Frankfurt am Main” at Deutsche Bibliothek hosted by Deutsche Bundesbank. Our Divisional Manager, Stuart Egerton, participated in the event to learn the latest news and trends on TARGET2-Securities.

Brief introduction to T2S (TARGET2-Securities), where is it currently at?

T2S (TARGET2-Securities) is a Pan-European programme which will offer harmonised securities settlement.

Its initial aim was to reduce settlement costs, but it has come on significantly since then.

The benefits of T2S are substantial as it moves to reduce over-collateralised domestic markets, increase intra-day liquidity and allow CSD’s to offer collateral and translation products.

A Brief introduction on the T2S Conference in Frankfurt

The conference is an evolution of the original T2S info sessions which over time turned into Focus groups as T2S market knowledge became more apparent.

It covers a mixture of topics including: T2S where we are now, future market developments, areas to watch, European networking with like minded colleagues and the application of technology in an ever-evolving banking world such as:

  • Cloud options
  • AI Banking,
  • Distributed Ledger Technology/Blockchain
  • Cyber Security
  • Big Data Analytics

Why attend these conferences?

We go twice a year to ensure that our market knowledge is up to date, to meet colleagues, clients and market participants we have known for years and to ensure we have a market presence.

 What is the Future of T2S?

Currently 90% of the committed market has now migrated, with wave 4 being the biggest recent migration in February 2017.

Danish Krona is next and we all wait to see if other currencies will join as a truly multi-currency platform.

Please contact Stuart Egerton if you are currently running a Securities Services implementation across Europe and need assistance with project scoping.