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  • Future of Core Banking T24 Temenos

    Temenos T24 & CORE BANKING – Where is it going and how do I get there first?

    By: Othon Vroulakis & Luca Ziprani Core Banking- what is it? As described by Antony Peyton, senior reporter at IBS Intelligence, “Core banking is the essential services the bank offers” which includes: Taking deposits & lending money Managing financial transactions Keeping details of accounts and account holders Linking all accounts and account holders via a database Maintaining its own accounts […]

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  • T2S TARGET2-Securities

    IN FOCUS – T2S – Market Infrastructure Conference Frankfurt

    Skillfinder International attended the “In Focus session in Frankfurt am Main” at Deutsche Bibliothek hosted by Deutsche Bundesbank. Our Divisional Manager, Stuart Egerton, participated in the event to learn the latest news and trends on TARGET2-Securities. Brief introduction to T2S (TARGET2-Securities), where is it currently at? T2S (TARGET2-Securities) is a Pan-European programme which will offer […]

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  • MIFID 2 Brexit

    MiFID II – Impact on UK pre and post BREXIT

    by: Ben Bradley & Luca Ziprani MiFID II: What is it and why should you care? Why you should care is quite simple; MiFID II will be enforced by law starting Jan 2018 to all member states of the European Union. What is it? This is a bit less simple. MIFID stands for Markets in […]

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  • Fullstack Developer

    7 Job Titles for a Tech Designer and How to Differentiate Between Them

    The design industry is made up of a variety of diverse fields and specialisations. The word designer, therefore, cannot be expected to live up to a single easy to understand description. Industrial designers are involved in the design of appliances, motor vehicles and a wide array of manufactured goods. Other designers work with magazine houses, […]

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  • sff

    The Networker’s Guide to Building a Career

    How is it that some people can land high paying high profile jobs without having to hunt for it in the first place? The answer lies in the simple truth that they were well informed about the opportunity by someone. This is the direct result of a series of interactions with people in the know […]

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  • London recruitment

    Highlighting the Fundamental Skills of the Best Business Analysts

    Business analysts are a dime a dozen. But in this competitive arena what prompts recruitment officers and managers to pick one business analyst over another? The secret lies in the peculiar characteristics found in top level business analysts. And business analysts who possess the following attributes are known to have the clear advantage of many […]

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  • MiFID II

    Brighton Bonanza with Skillfinder

    This was followed by what can only be described as a gently competitive game of bowling. Julien Cote smashed it with the highest score and was awarded an excellent (toy) pirate ship, which is absolutely the ultimate prize for a Recruiter. We all had dinner together before heading to Brighton’s Komedia Comedy Club. Billed as […]

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  • German recruitment

    Skillfinder International Open Offices in Europe!

    Skillfinder International is a trusted executive search partner to businesses in the banking and Financial Services arena internationally.  In 2003, Skillfinder started out in London’s financial hub with a single office recruiting contract and permanent resource into their clients across the globe. They are now pleased to announce their arrival in Frankfurt with new offices and […]

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