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Skillfinder International Open Offices in Europe!

November 6, 2015

Skillfinder International is a trusted executive search partner to businesses in the banking and Financial Services arena internationally.  In 2003, Skillfinder started out in London’s financial hub with a single office recruiting contract and permanent resource into their clients across the globe. They are now pleased to announce their arrival in Frankfurt with new offices and are proud to be one of the founding members of APSCo in the German market.

Having offices across Europe has always been part of the growth vision for Skillfinder International. They have been successful, placing permanent and contract resources, across the continent, but particularly across Germany and Luxembourg, and have now decided to open two new companies under the Skillfinder Group. Skillfinder GmbH in Frankfurt and Skillfinder S.A.R.L , their Luxembourg office.  It’s a massive achievement for the award-winning firm, and they’re now pleased to be able to service their clients from a fully compliant local entity.

We asked Darren Hall, Partner of Skillfinder International why they have decided to open up the new offices in both Germany and Luxembourg. Hall says “Our decision to open ‘on the ground’ in Germany and now in Luxembourg, is due in part by responding to our clients who have long wanted us to be based locally and more recently to the help and advice of APSCo organisation, who have established themselves as the driving force behind the development and improvement of recruiting practice across the world.”

Skillfinder will be moving into Frankfurt’s newest and most impressive skyscrapers and TaunusTor 1, in the center of Frankfurt’s Banking district as of December the 1st 2015. Along with the decision to work in one of the new iconic buildings in Frankfurt, Skillfinder have recently hired an experienced Client Services Director, with a excellent  experience in delivering skilled consultants to clients in the banking and financial services across Germany.