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Highlighting the Fundamental Skills of the Best Business Analysts

November 26, 2015

London recruitment

Business analysts are a dime a dozen. But in this competitive arena what prompts recruitment officers and managers to pick one business analyst over another? The secret lies in the peculiar characteristics found in top level business analysts. And business analysts who possess the following attributes are known to have the clear advantage of many advanced job opportunities in this field.

The Best Business Analysts Have the Most Important Skills

Ranging from excellent communication skills to being effective critical thinkers, these analysts are famous for their ability to look at a problem and create solutions analytically and efficiently. They are also experts at representing proposed solutions in a way that is strong and easy to understand from a visual perspective. They are also familiar with using all the usual tools available to business analysts. But it doesn’t stop there.

The Best Business Analysts Are Master Thinkers

Being able to develop resourceful ideas at a moment’s notice is the forte of a professional business analyst. They can quickly find answers to remotely difficult questions, and would prefer to take on challenges head on instead of waiting for miracles. They know how to engage key players within an organization to streamline solutions in a practical manner.

The Best Business Analysts Never Stop Learning

Analysts are always on the lookout to develop solutions that are quicker and easier to implement and hence they are never satisfied with their previously acquired skill set. They are always prepared to try new models that have the potential to fix the same problems better. Having a broad base of techniques allows the business analyst to look at challenges from many angles and then choose the appropriate best course of action.

The Best Business Analysts Tailor Solutions the Company Can Be Proud Of

Knowing exactly what the company requires and then delivering a solution that perfectly matches the needs of the company. This is the mainstay of the business analyst who looks beyond the satisfaction of stakeholders. These analysts have to overcome a variety of challenges including differing ideas and opinions. A solid foundation in understanding how the business runs allows them to produce solutions that the company can adopt and begin using right away.

The Best Business Analysts Have a Firm Grip on Project Management

Even though they are not actual project managers, good business analysts know how to integrate techniques that facilitate the smooth operation of a business analysis team. This is possible because these business analysts know their limitations and know how to involve the right team members to address to compensate. This makes projects flow seamlessly, and the analyst can adjust course if necessary to meet objectives and deadlines. They also make use of open channels of communication with stakeholders at appropriate times so that any hurdles in the timeline can be overcome quickly.

And lastly by focusing entirely on value delivery, gifted business analysts know when to resist the urge to squeeze too much into a solution. They are therefore able to give stakeholders the confidence that a solution can be adopted that reduces costs and proves worthy of the company as a whole.