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5 Ways to Find and Hire Top Technical Talent

October 25, 2015


Hiring the right talent for your business is extremely important to save both time and costs. Here are five ways that you can find and hire TOP tech talent.

Assess aptitude

Traditional methods of reviewing CV’s and interviewing candidates can make it difficult to get a true understanding of a candidate’s abilities. Resumes can be misleading, and bias can corrupt subjective analysis. In fact, independent research has shown that more than 80% of people lie on their CV’s.

Many recruiters and HR Managers go through the tedious process of reviewing 100s of CV’s and interviewing countless candidates, only to find that the person they settle on and seem to be right for the job – do not fit the requirements. There are ways around this. To source the best programming talent, incorporate objective assessment criteria into the recruitment process. Programs like Plum analyse the top skills needed for a role and then evaluates candidates for those qualities. The software assesses skills such as communication, work ethic and problem-solving ability, to determine which candidates are most suited to the role.

Establish a culture that embraces remote hiring

Distance is no longer a barrier to recruitment. Smartphones, tablets, and apps allow workers to connect and work with your teams at any time from any location. Limiting hiring to one geographic region will inevitably mean that you miss out on contacting the majority of those who fit the job description. Employees and employers can now successfully work with each other from any location.

Remember, the ideal programmer for the job may not live nearby, so don’t limit yourself. Use job-listing services like We Work Remotely to reach a larger hiring pool.

Look for talent in areas with high populations and low opportunities

Up and coming IT markets may be the best place to source programming talent. For example, recent trends show a shift to densely populated African countries to recruit IT talent. The growing IT industry in these up and coming countries, combined with large populations allows selective recruitment, focusing on areas like attitude criteria scores. Always seek to fill positions in areas where the talent pool is large and hungry for new opportunities.

Don’t underestimate the value of apprentices or graduates

The IT industry is highly competitive, and finding experienced candidates who match your criteria is always challenging. So, look out for aptitude and potential, not just experience. Programmers often learn the specific skill sets needed for a role, complete on-the-job training and absorb habits from peers while working. Skills like leadership, teamwork and problem-solving, however, are hard to teach, so keep an eye out for individuals who possess them. It is like that they will grow into valuable team members, sometimes, despite a lack of experience.

Be mission-driven

In the competitive market for IT talent, candidates have a multitude of firms and positions to choose from. With similar salary and benefits offers, corporate cultures and missions are often the main factors in a person’s job decision. Highlight the company’s mission and how the candidate will help contribute to it is a great way to stand out from the competition.