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Monthly Archives: August 2015

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    Using LinkedIn to your Job Seeking Advantage

    Over recent years, LinkedIn has become widely known as a professional networking platform, that lots of people are using to network with people in their industries. Every day, more and more recruiters and employers are learning how to utilize LinkedIn as a recruitment tool. Even students and professionals are learning how to adopt LinkedIn as […]

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    Get your CV found on job boards!

    It’s no good drawing up a CV, sending it to plenty of jobs and getting no result. Making the most of your CV is important so that you can harness as many opportunities that you like the look of. All too often, we hear that candidates have been sending their CV out to hundreds of […]

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    Why do mid-sized companies suffer in recruitment?

    When it comes to recruiting the right people for the right job, mid-size companies often suffer. While larger businesses have the required financial resources, alongside a long-standing and attractive brand appeal, and start-ups possess the wow factor, midsize companies are often left by the wayside in attracting new talent. A modern HR strategy executed with […]

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    Do you have the employability factor?

    Defined as “the capability of getting and keeping satisfactory work”, employability involves a range of factors, the most important of which, are employability skills. Employability skills are a set of achievements. Personal attributes and acquired knowledge that help make a job seeker employable, and an asset to their employer. Often referred to as transferable or […]

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    Questions to ask in your interview

    When it comes to your interview, asking the right questions is important, to get through to the next stage. Not only do the questions that you ask reflect your reactiveness to researching the company, but it also reflects and confirms your qualifications as a candidate for the vacancy. You should also remember that you are […]

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    What is Work Culture?

    One of the most important elements in creating a sense of loyalty in employees to their organisation and longevity in their career with said organisation is work culture.   Work culture is a term used to describe both the ideologies and principles of the organisation and the beliefs and attitudes of its employees. It directly […]

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    Why humour in the workplace is important

    Humour can be one of the key aspects in furthering your career and bettering your workplace environment. Having said that, very few people would consider sharing a joke with a colleague, and office environments are hardly known for their mirth. Laura Vanderkan, author of What the Most Successful People Do at Work (Portfolio, 2013), and […]

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    What is ‘Talent Brand’, and why does your company need it?

    The importance of company branding is undeniable, but when it comes to recruiting top talent, adopting a ‘Talent Brand’ may be even more so. To understand what it is, and why it matters, you should try building up a picture of how your company is seen to others. You can find out how your company […]

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