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Monthly Archives: June 2015

  • betatesting

    9 questions to ask your software’s beta testers

    Launching your software in beta mode is an excellent way to get feedback on your product and make any necessary adjustments before bringing it to market. Your beta testers hold all of the valuable information you need when it comes to improving your product, so it’s worth it to take the time to ask them […]

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  • Picture5

    Murex overhauls MX.3 for Collateral Management

    Murex has released a fully overhauled version of MX.3 for Collateral Management, designed to better support sell-side and buy-side financial institutions in optimising pre- and post-trade collateral. Available as an enterprise standalone solution or integrated with MX.3 trading, risk and back office solutions, MX.3 for Collateral Management provides a single framework for the support of […]

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  • Picture4

    Banks increasingly are meeting their customers in cyberspace

    “They really want to interact with us through these new channels,” said Gavin Michael, head of digital for consumer and community banking at Chase, which ranked No. 1 on the Chronicle’s list of biggest banks as compiled by SNL Financial. Chase had the largest Houston-area market share in 2014 based on deposits. Last year, the […]

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  • Picture3

    Facebook turns to traditional C++ for a recent project!

    Never mind Sencha, Xamarin, PhoneGap, Appcelerator Titanium and dozens of other wannabe cross-platform mobile development tools — a recent Facebook project resorted to a crusty old standby programming language to target iOS and Android platforms in a recent project: C++. Facebook engineers gave developers a peek “under the hood” into their process for creating its […]

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  • Picture2

    A high demand for Mobile Apps! Can developers handle it?

    The demand for enterprise mobile apps is too much for in-house developers to handle, forcing companies to look for outside help, according to two new surveys. Surveys from Gartner Inc. and 451 Research LLC on the state of enterprise mobile app development reached many of the same conclusions, as might be inferred from their respective […]

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  • Picture1

    The future of UX design

    User experience design is often thought of as a new or emerging concept in Web design and app design. However, it has been around long before it was ever given the name “user experience.” While the birth of the Internet didn’t focus at all on user experience or even design for that matter, as the […]

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  • Shortfall

    EU faces IT staff shortfall of 825,000

    The European Union faces a huge shortfall of qualified IT staff in Europe by 2020, prompting EU countries to redouble efforts to offer technology training. There are not enough IT specialists graduating in Europe to fill all jobs, creating a digital skills gap that could lead to 825,000 vacancies in the sector five years from […]

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  • Business Support blog

    Insider: Alana Duncan on Business Support at Skillfinder

    Darren Hall and Grant Brummer know that a Recruitment business NEEDS a strong business support team in order for operations to run fluidly. We asked Alana Duncan, the Operations Manager at Skillfinder for a bit of background and insider info on the team. Here’s what she says…   When did you join Skillfinder, and what attracted you to the business? […]

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