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Monthly Archives: April 2015

  • Investment bank recruitment

    We’re Hiring!

    Skillfinder International is a well-established, highly recognised IT and Banking Recruitment Consultancy based in the heart of London. We pride ourselves on finding only the BEST talent for our clients, and in order to do this we strive to hire only the BEST consultants. We have various dedicated teams, separated by Account Managers and Niche […]

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  • Industry ready for the impact of T2S

    20% of the financial industry believe that having nothing to do with T2S will be a viable option for their business, however the remaining 80% believed that it would have a heavy impact on their business. The 20% that didn’t believe that T2S would be of benefit to them were mostly central banks and custodians. […]

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  • java developer

    Welcoming our new Operations Manager!

    We are delighted to welcome our new Operations Manager, Alana Duncan, to Skillfinder International.   With over 10 years operational management experience within the recruitment sector, Alana is well placed to help us deliver continual improvements across our business and ensure that Consultants and Clients continue to receive an excellent level of service.   Alana […]

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  • stat

    EU in need of 50,000 IT professionals by 2020

    Welcome to the digital revolution… it’s happening fast and there’s no signs of it slowing down. Without a doubt, everybody needs to understand digital and have digital skills. No matter what industry you’re working in, you must begin to get to grips with software and digital control systems. The EU is expected to invest more […]

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  • int

    How to follow up on your job interview…

    You did everything you could to get to that interview, and now’s not the time to just forget about it! Following up on your interview is extremely important, whether you do or don’t get offered the position. Following up will allow the interviewer to see your gratitude and interest in the position, and also give […]

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  • globe

    Which EU countries are leading in technology?

    Without a doubt, technological innovation is influencing economies and the economies that are able to harness technology successfully are reaping some serious rewards! New markets and products are continuously being created, thanks to big data and this all helps go toward a successful economy. Take a look below to see the 2015 report. “The top […]

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  • team

    Key to answering that KILLER interview question

    Being nervous for an interview is natural. In fact, you could say that most of us perform better with nerves, so why not exert your performance anxiety into succeeding and you might not feel as bad about it. We can never anticipate fully what will happen in an interview, so it’s important that you keep […]

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  • stan

    What are you doing to win over the interviewer and stand out?

    You’ve finally made it past the screening process and you’ve been invited in to an interview (hurrah!)… Your hard work preparing your CV and cover letter has paid off, but now the competition is fierce. Whether you’re interviewing for a high level IT position, or a graduate role, standing out against your competition is vital […]

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